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If your sweet tooth says "ice cream", then your wisdom tooth says "gelato"

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What is gelato and why is it so delicious? Gelato is Italian ice cream made with milk (not cream) that is slowly churned resulting in a rich texture and dense consistency. Gelato is lower in fat content than ice cream and it's that low fat content that allows the full flavor of gelato to shine. Our gelato has less fat, less air, fewer calories and a fresh, smooth flavor that's like no other dessert.

Gelato is a fiercely regional treat. In northern Italy where the climate is cooler, Gelato is more likely to be made with egg yolks, chocolate and gianduia (a smooth hazelnut and milk chocolate paste). In the south, lighter flavors like lemon and orange, are used in traditional sorbetto.

At Caffé DaVinci, t he flavor of classic Italian gelato comes through with the very first taste. Like our food, our gelato is simple and pure with no preservatives. We have an array of flavors from traditional chocolate and vanilla to local favorites like Buckeye gelato. The flavor of gelato made the right way soars above the rest.

There is simply no other gelateria like the one at Caffé DaVinci. We have gone the extra mile and expense to make our gelato great. We researched classic gelaterias in Ancona , Italy (home of our cousins) to learn exactly how the best gelato is crafted. Imported equipment gently blends ingredients so the gelato has little air in it and a special case circulates cold air to chill the gelato but never creates ice crystals.

Try our gelato. Taste its flavor. It is simply delicious. The Caffé DaVinci gelateria has its own entrance and it is accessible through the Caffé. Take out orders of gelato are available to make any occasion even more special.

If you get to experience real gelato in Italy , be sure to send us a picture of you, your family and friends at a gelateria. We will include the picture on our Gelato Wall of Fame.